Today we are proud to introduce you to HubOn.

HubOn Logo

HubOn is our brand new mobile app that allows you to stay tuned in real time to your hub and all other hubs powered by the Hakisa technology.

With HubOn, all notifications are directly pushed to your mobile device. This allows you to stay informed and to react quickly to the activity and events of your community.

HubOn – available on Google Play and the App Store

HubOn - The free app for the social hub available on the App Store and Google Play Store

HubOn works with Android and Apple devices. You can now download the app for free on the App Store or on Google Play.

How to set up the HubOn App

HubOn is really easy to set up. In order to activate your app be sure to remember the e-mail address and password you usually use to connect to your hub.

Step 1: Download the App on the App Store or Google Play Store

Step 2: Generate your personal activation code signing in on your hub

Step 3: Paste your activation code to the HubOn App

Please make sure you allow the app to push notifications to your mobile device.

HubOn: available for all our business solutions

At Hakisa, we believe that smart technologies of tomorrow, are technologies that require human interpretation and interaction. Based on this vision and in order to facilitate interactions, Hakisa developed the HubOn app.

This brand new app adds mobile notifications to other notifications that were already available on the hub (E-Mail, SMS -optional-, Facebook Desktop and Hub Notifications). With HubOn, all our business customers and their clients benefit from a free mobile application that facilitates interactions by notifying users in real time of what is happening on their hub.

HubOn also integrates the notifications of IoT generated by the smart objects of our partners. For more information about our business solutions and how Hakisa innovates socializing the internet of things visit our homepage.


For more information on the app, visit the HubOn Homepage.